Visual identity

Visual identity

Logo versions

There are different versions of the logo for different purposes and applications. There are three colored primary versions that can be used flexibly depending on the application. If it is not possible to use any of these logo versions, for example due to the printing techniques used, the black logo version is to be used.

Primary logo versions


Secondary logo versions


Logo usage

The adjacent examples show the use of the logo. The original files of the logo must always be used, and they must not be changed in any way. Always ensure good legibility when using the logo.


Logo on a light image


Logo on a dark image


The logo must not be used over a tone with too little contrast.


The logo must not be used over a strong pattern.

Product logos

How to construct a product logo:

Always have a scaled down version of the Eumer logo next to product names. Remember the box with rounded corners.


Name of product brand
Font: Degular Display Black


Product name in capital letters
Font: Causten Round Bold
Font size: sized accordingly in relation to product brand name
Character spacing: 150


Product logo examples:


Primary Colour Palette

Glaston Blue is the most dominant colour in all Glaston visuals. Additionally, Orange, Light Blue and Grey can be used to support visual expression in different applications. Avoid using lighter tones of these colours.

Eumer green

CMYK: 65C 40Y
Newspaper CMYK: 65C 40Y
RGB: 58R 196G 180B
HEX: #3ac4b4
PMS: 3265
RAL: 5018

Eumer Purple

CMYK: 68C 85M 30K
Newspaper CMYK: 68C 85M 15K
RGB: 81R 26G 117B
HEX: #511a75
PMS: 2607
RAL: 4007


CMYK: 100K
Newspaper CMYK: 100K
RGB: 0R 0G 0B
HEX: #000000

Guiding Colors in Package Design

The colours on this list are meant to be used in package design only. Their main purpose is to highlight key information as well as to create color codes for some technical details of a product, for instance. The aim is to help & guide the user – not to use them as part of Eumer’s Primary colour palette. More guiding colours can be added as you go along.

As these colours are meant to be used in print, color specifications only include CMYK values.

CMYK: 65C 00M 40Y 00K

CMYK: 65C 00M 40Y 00K

CMYK: 65C 00M 40Y 00K

CMYK: 65C 00M 40Y 00K


Primary Typography

Eumer’s brand font is Causten Round. It should be used whenever technically possible and always in printed products, web applications and video presentations.

The font is available in the variants given here, and it can be obtained from MyFonts.

Complementary Typography

Viktor Script is Eumer’s complementary font. It can be used to highlight certain phrases and messages whenever there’s a need to be a bit more playful, just to spice things up a bit. Not to be used excessively.

The font can be activated at Adobe Fonts.

Logo Typography

Degular Display Black is the font used to construct Eumer’s logos (Classic, Jasu, SpinTube).

The font can be activated at Adobe Fonts.

Visual language

Eumer’s visual language consists of solid color surfaces & simple typography that are complemented by brand imagery. Rounded corners and shapes are used to emphasize the brand’s friendly personality.

While Eumer Green is the brand’s most dominant color, all primary colors can be used freely. However, they are always used together to create recognizable color schemes within any given layout or application.

The “Uncle Eumer” illustration adds another layer to Eumer’s visuals and is used to communicate key messages in a fun and attention-grabbing way.

“Uncle Eumer” Illustration

You can think of this character as the Eumer mascot. He’s there to make you smile but not to steal the show. The illustration usually appears next to CTA-related messages as well as fun catchphrases and helpful tips. Can be seen in places like Eumer’s packaging, website and apparel for example.

Illustration usage examples