Brand products

Brand products

There are four different product brands under the full Eumer brand umbrella. Each product brand is aimed at different subsets of consumers. The differences between the target audience of each product brand are explained on this page.

When developing new products, packaging, and communications, please refer to this rough guide to consider which product brand your topic falls under.

Eumer Jasu

Jasu is the easy, approachable and affordable, great quality-for-money brand for the everyfisher.

The Jasu product brand contains fishing rods, soft baits, ready-to-fish sets, and generally everything a beginner, an intermediate or even a pro requires to escape responsibilities and embrace fishponsibilities.

Eumer Classic

Classic is Eumer’s product brand for fly fishers. Fly tackles, streamers, fly fishing rods, and everything fly fishing-related goes under the Eumer Classic product brand.

Within the esteemed fly fishing community, Eumer is very highly regarded and has a long history of producing quality fly fishing equipment. The Eumer Classic product brand, however, is a recent addition: all of Eumer’s fly fishing products were arranged under the Eumer Classic brand in 2022.

Eumer SpinTube

SpinTube is a truly original Eumer innovation that combines fly fishing and regular casting or angling. SpinTube lures are basically casting flies that attach to conventional fishing gear, making fly fishing more accessible for new audiences.

The SpinTube product brand contains various lures, lure sets, rods, reels, and other products that are compatible with SpinTube lures. In some markets, the SpinTube product brand is unquestionably more well-known than the Eumer parent brand.

Eumer Fishing

Any general fishing-related product that does not fall into the scope of any of the above listed product brands is branded under the general name Eumer Fishing. These products include tools and accessories such as measures, cutters, containers, hats, etc.